The Importance Of Watch Strap

There are many factors to be considered when choosing However, one of the most important parts is the straps. When talking about straps, the most proportional watch has a width of half the case diameter. Therefore, if your watch has a case size of 42 mm, it should have a strap width of 21 mm. Of course, this is only a guide, and many men prefer a wider or narrower brand depending on their taste. To choose the perfect watch for your wrist, the strap material is as important as the width. However, this can also be a matter of personal preference and can be found in thin metal bands.

For men who have a fairly large wrist size, you can try to consider a watch with a material made of the rubber strap. Especially for your active men who have solid activities and outdoor sports hobbies. This flexible rubber strap material feels just right and is flexible for everyday use. Men with very thin wrists should consider how a watch will fit and look luxurious when worn. The chronograph feature will be better to choose from. In the same way, a large suit will not be justified for a small body. Watches that are bought without thinking about proportions will be an unwise investment. Men with smaller wrists should consider how a watch will fit and look so masculine when worn.

For slightly larger wrists, it is recommended choosing a thinner case and you can increase the diameter. A smaller watch is better to wear a leather strap and will make your hand the center of attention. If you have a moderate wrist or you can say it is just right and proportionate a lot of watch sizes will match your hand size. Maybe for men who like strenuous exercise, you must have thick arms and wrists. You should choose a watch case with a diameter of 42mm. Lots of space because a large wrist can be an advantage to wear an old classic watch with a chronograph that will add value to your look of beauty.

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