Optimizing Stock Management in the Warehouse

At this point, you have arranged your 迷你倉 layout strategically. But then the question arises, how should I put my products? The answer is simple: put the bestsellers in the location closest to the parking area! So, find out the best selling products among all your products and put them as close to the packing table as possible to reduce running time. This strategy is known as ABC analysis. Divide your products into three categories, namely site link;

1. Category A – Products with the highest sales frequency, 20% of these products contribute to 70-80% of annual sales
2. Category B – Products with moderate sales frequency, 30% of these products contribute to 15-25% of annual sales
3. Category C – Products with the lowest sales frequency, 50% of these products only contribute to 5% of annual sales

So you can put products in category A closest to the packing table, while products in category C can be placed farthest away. You can even put small items but bought together with the bestselling products, next to the packing table to save time for picking up items. Don’t be afraid to change your product storage. The products in category A will not always be the same. It could be that the products that are mostly sold in the middle of the year may even become unsold at the end of the year. So it’s a good idea to change the product layout based on season, trend, and other factors as well.

For optimal warehousing management, you need to be able to ensure that your staff can receive, unload, store, and order new stock as efficiently as possible. The sooner this happens, the faster the stock becomes available for sale. So it’s best if you use a solution that supports efficiency. The use of a warehouse management system that provides a mobile scanner feature is one of them. With an automated warehousing management system, the handling of goods that enter the warehouse will be much faster and more accurate. Instead of having to sit at the computer and manually search and update each product, you can simply scan the product or purchase order, update the stock quantity, and enter it in a specific location in the warehouse via your smartphone.