The Function And Role Of Lawyers You Need To Know For The Company And The Community

No matter how good you run a business or business, but it could arise parties (can be business partners, employees or laborers, community, or government) who feel aggrieved that ultimately filed lawsuits or lawsuits. If that happens then you don’t need to worry because there is already an advocate who will provide legal protection and defend the legal interests of the client both inside and outside the court (kind of assisting in court, prosecutor’s office, court, mediation, negotiation, arbitration and so on). Or conversely, if your company is harmed, advocates who will take legal steps available for and on behalf of the Company, against third parties who have caused your company losses. You certainly do not want to feel disadvantaged, therefore you can find your best way by consulting with for progress for your company.

The role of lawyers is not only in the judicial process (litigation), but also is seen in the profession line outside the court (non-litigation). The need for legal services Lawyers outside the judicial process is currently increasing, in line with the growing legal needs of the community, especially in entering an increasingly open life in relations between nations. Through the provision of consultancy services, negotiations as well as in making trade contracts, the profession of lawyers contributes meaningfully to community empowerment and national law reform especially in the fields of economy and trade, including in resolving disputes outside the court. Through legal services provided, lawyers carry out their professional duties for the sake of upholding justice based on the law for the benefit of justice seekers, including efforts to empower people to realize their fundamental rights before the law.

Lawyers as an element of the justice system are also one of the pillars in upholding the rule of law and human rights. As a state of law, Australia is demanded to provide guarantees of protection, legal certainty, and justice to its people. Legal certainty and justice are not only limited to aspects of criminal and civil problems faced by individuals, but also include problems in the fields of business, investment, banking, international transactions involving corporations, and so forth.