More Easily To Clean Your Dirty Tiles

Cleaning your tile and grout can become a pressing and almost impossible task literally. If you have not properly maintained the cleaning process and let stains, dirt, and grime build up over long periods of time, you may find it very hard to clean and feel like it is an impossible task that will need you to actually replace your tile and grout. If you try the following steps you might find the results you are looking for. If this does not give you a satisfied result then contact a professional best way to clean area rugs company and schedule an appointment to have them cleaned for you.

Once you have had them cleaned by Northern Beaches Tile Cleaning, then you can use the following steps to keep up a beautiful look for your tile and never have to call and pay someone else to do the job for you. First you will want to buy some powdered oxygen bleach, this is a nontoxic substance that will not produce any harsh fumes, and it is color and fabric-safe. This solution will remove any food and grease stains with minimal scrubbing effort. The ions in the oxygen will attack the stain molecules and break them into pieces that will easily rinse away.

Next you want to mix your powdered oxygen bleach with warm water until the powder is totally dissolved. Then cover the tile with the bleach solution enough to completely cover the grout lines. Let the solution sit for 20 to 30 minutes and thoroughly soak in, if the grout completely soaks up just add some more solution. You can allow the solution to sit for several hours if needed, this will make the scrubbing process easier. Make sure to keep the grout continuously wet with the solution while you scrub the grout. After you have completed the cleaning process and removed all the dirt, grime, and stains, you can use a mop and clean water to remove any bleach remnants left. You should now have a nice looking clean tile floor with pretty grout lines.
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