Benefits of Watching Cartoon Movies

Many animated films are universal, can be watched by adults and children. Besides being entertaining, this type of film can also provide education to children because they can learn many things. This makes parents have to open their eyes more in providing shows to children. Do not prohibit children from watching animated films on, here are benefits that can be learned.

Learn the value of life in a fun way
Movies are a fun way to learn about life’s values. He can learn about the importance of believing in himself from Kung Fu Panda, learn to respect parents from the movie Brave and learn to follow your heart from Moana.

In order for him to understand the value he needs to pick, you need to accompany him while watching to provide guidance. If not accompanied, children may take the wrong message. For example, from the film Brave and Moana, she focuses on Merida’s courage against her parents’ wishes. So that he can learn the life values ​​that are conveyed, you should not immediately tell the message. Provoke him by asking. If the answer is off the mark, you can help direct the answer.

Build a bond with you so that he is more open
Because you always accompany him to watch movies, the bond between you and your child is getting stronger. Without realizing it, he has quality time with you. If your children spend a lot of time with their parents, their relationship with you will become closer. As a result, he will open up to you, want to tell the things that he experiences every day. He also doesn’t hesitate or is afraid if he has problems at school, for example when he doesn’t get good grades because he doesn’t understand the subject matter.

Develop unlimited imagination in order to become a creative child
In animated films, children will find many things that don’t make sense. Things that are immediately visible include animals that can talk, drive, and play music. The name is also imagination, the sky is the limit. Imaginative things that children see in movies can build their imagination. He can imagine being a superhero with superpowers to help many people, a teacher who teaches students to read, a pilot who flies a fighter plane, an astronaut who lives on the moon, and be whatever he wants.

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